Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ranting over a little thing called Harry Potter.

I recently saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 with my lovely wife Lisa and our good friend Annie. My thoughts on the closing of the film.

I have beef.

**Spoilers below for those that have not read the book, nor seen the films.**

Not that it is a horrible movie. Just certain things that weren't in the movie that were so epic and great in the book. This movie needed more battle.

Not nearly enough time was spent on the dueling wizards, certain character deaths, and portrayal of the entire battle between Harry and Voldemort had been moved and altered to better fit a film, in which I disagree. It was lackluster. Remember in the book when Harry talks down Voldemort when explaining how Voldie is not the true master of the Elder wand? How he calls him Tom, and Riddle? Or how about when Harry explains that because he gave his life willingly to the Dark Lord, that he also just gave the entire castle of friends and family resisting the Death Eaters the same protection that his Mother gave him as a child, and they could not be harmed by He who must not be named? That awesome feeling of accomplishment you get from the book when Harry defeats Voldemort in the Great Hall surrounded by all his pals. Well that's not there. Harry is all alone when he defeats Voldie... and outside in a depressingly grey blue atmosphere. Voldemort dematerializes and no proof other than Harry's word that he's dead. What a let down...

Looks like I could rant and rave just on the end alone. But I will choose not to and I'll get back to work.

Opening this up for conversation, we all know what I think, but what did YOU think of the end to the films.

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