Comic Books - Artwork I've done that's made it into comics.

Arcana Studio 
100 Girls #1 (pinup)
Free Comic Book Day #1 (Colors)

Slave Labor Graphics

Pirate Club #6 (Back Cover)


Hero@Large #1-2 Interior Art (Pencils, Inks, Colors, Letters)


Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol #2 & #4 (Penciler)

IDW Publishing

Angel : After the Fall #7 & #8 (Colorist)
Vitriol the Hunter #1 (Colorist)

Dabel Brothers Publishing

Warriors : Jailbreak #1 (Colorist)

Image ComicsWildguard Insider #3 (Colorist)

Crisishour Productions

Fearsome as the Night

Trading Card sets - I provide illustrations for trading card companies for their sketch card incentives.

Topps Card Company
Heroes : Volume Two
Terminator : Salvation
Star Wars Galaxy 5 AP cards available
Empire Strikes Back : 30th Anniversary
Star Wars the Clone Wars Widevision
Star Wars the Clone Wars Rise of the Bounty Hunters AP cards available
Mars Attacks Heritage  

Upper Deck
Marvel Masterpieces III
Iron Man 2  AP cards available

Rittenhouse Archives
Marvel Heroes & Villains
Marvel Dangerous Divas
Marvel Greatest Heroes AP cards available
Marvel Bronze Age

Greatest American Hero
Zombies vs. Cheerleaders AP cards available
Moonstone Maximum
The Pro
Hack/Slash AP cards available
The Female Persuasion AP cards available
Mixtape/Pulp Girls
Kitty Ditties & Pretty Ladies
Lady Death 

Legends & Lore Oversized AP cards available
Dreamers of Darkness AP cards available
Essence of Fairyland AP cards available
Rantz Angels AP cards available

Bad Axe Studios
Treasure Chests and Booty AP cards available

Breygent Marketing
Golden Age of Comics
Woodstock Generation  

Versicolor Productions
The Bettie Paige Private Collection AP cards available

CryptozoicThe Walking Dead - Comic Book
DC the New 52
Batman : the Legend