About Me

I never really know what to write in here. Most people use the third person, and some just put out a sophisticated resume. I figure I would just be honest and talk to you as another person. Like I met a new friend. So here it goes.

Hi, I'm Jeremy Treece. I live in Detroit, Michigan currently. I've been around the country with my family, acting mostly like Gypsies in the night moving from rental property to rental property. Out of all the places I've lived Detroit is the one that I've come back to. Our home. Nothing is like it.

So now you know a little about me personally. Not much, but hopefully enough that you'll want to find out more. You can tell a lot about me through my art. I enjoy drawing, as well as viewing fun expression filled art. Push the boundaries and make me happy. I've been working professionally in the entertainment industry for about 9 years now. Working on comic books, trading cards, concept art for independent films and animations all whilst trying to produce and sell our own intellectual properties over the same media at Crisishour Productions. Crisishour is a company I hold with my beautiful wife Lisa. It's been an LLC. since 2007 and just now getting off the ground.

I also have two children. My first is my daughter Rhea. Whom was named after the character in the first comic I ever created called "Gravity Girl." She was my first creation, in comics and in life. My second child is Dakotah (Taken from our Native American heritage Takotah.) He's a bundle of wreckage dubbed by a fellow artist as the "Meatloaf of Doom".

I love my family, my art, and my city. I love to share all of it with you. Thanks for reading about me and hopefully I'll get to know you as well.

- J. Treece