Friday, April 1, 2011

Moving Sale, and accepting Donations

Hey everyone. For you that do not know the situation you can find the full post of everything that is going on under this one on the main page or at this link. For everyone else that is in the know, please keep on reading. :)

I am having a Moving sale of sorts, doing live art, auctioning off/selling all and any original art I have. Most of my own stuff, and some from other artists I've acquired over the years.

We are faced with the move out date of May 3rd, so we are trying to get everything in order now. I am accepting donations for the cause to get us into a home to call our own. We are looking at foreclosures, and other avenues that are of little cost to get into a home/trailer/etc.

Donations can be made through the button below! Any and all donations over $1 I will personally thank you and shout out on Twitter/FaceBook of my appreciation, this will also come with a drawing for you. Anything over $5 will be mailed to you if you provide me an address. I am doing 2x2" art so I can breeze through it and make them cute/fun as a thank you gift. If you wish not to receive anything please let me know, I will respect your privacy.

Please spread it around to people you know that might want to help, or want to get a cool piece of art as a thank you for donating. I appreciate all of you and hope to bring some good news to you all soon!

As of right now the current funding for the new home is at - $3,224.57

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Annie Williams said...

Good luck, Jeremy. You know I'll do whatever I can to help you and your family.