Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My brain hurts, let's just call this one "Title:"

So a semester has almost come to a close for my wife at University. We just found a good schedule for me to work and for her to go to school. Everything seems to be going fine, looking up. The ability to do conventions is on the rise! That is until life reminds us that we have to fight for happiness.

In the middle of the semester Lisa was informed that since she is not considered a resident (due to our moving to California) everything about schooling almost doubles in cost. This was not part of the master plan. This is Luke flying in the trenches of the Death Star, this... is about to explode.

You may be asking yourself, what is the master plan? Why oh WHY did you move back to DETROIT!? Many of you know that Detroit is in my blood. I can't deny it. No matter where we lived it wasn't home. However warm, or beautiful, it lacked heart, and character. This was a feeling we've had for a while. Friends, and Family are a HUGE reason for the move back to Motown. For they are more priceless than anyone can imagine.

This was the plan.

Moving back to Detroit where Lisa was already accepted to attend school before we moved to CA. Business opportunity that fell through the floor in CA had us move to a lower cost of living North Carolina. Lisa applied to a few of the colleges there and many didn't offer what she needed for her Major. More and more we knew we would end up back in MI. There is an artistic movement here, that I am PROUD to be a part of. Opportunities here that were taken for granted. The plan to move back to Detroit for Lisa to go to school. To live in Student housing supplied by loans and education grants until completion of her Bachelors. While she attends school I work freelance, get our credit in order, and buy a home when she got a teaching job. Two incomes working from home/near home.

This was the plan.

The plan is now derailed by the non-resident status and now we owe for our housing for this semester. $1200 a month by loans to be paid back with interest was something we were willing to take on after we accomplished success for Lisa's education.

We are currently being charged $100 late fees on top of our balance, and can not make payments on it like housing says places like Sallie Mae will offer. After some disgusting email exchanges from the administrators, they inform Lisa that she will not be able to register for the next semester until this balance is paid in full. If she is not enrolled in the semester we are looking at paying more for living on campus than we planned on. It was supposed to be covered by the Student Account.

Our perfect plan backfired.

Now we are looking into livable housing near the university. Pay off the debt so Lisa can continue schooling while not letting us fall into homelessness.

I am trying to raise a good amount of money to purchase a home in Detroit. We met with a real estate agent today that let us know that if we can make a cash offer for the home we would definitely be able to snag it. I know it may be a long shot, but I'm looking to raise upwards of $30,000. It's the asking price currently but it needs a little love before we would be able to move in. It fulfills our needs as a family, and workplace. I have hope so riddled in my heart, and as a dreamer I wish I knew I could make this happen. If we could reach a great market for digital comics, or selling original art/prints... I know it's possible. I don't know how to achieve the goal.

If anyone wishes to hand out their opinion please do. I am not asking you to buy me a house. I am asking for the opportunity to sell our books enough so we are able to make an offer before we lose it.

*Edit/Update - April 1st 2011* The home we were going after was sold to someone with a cash offer other than us.

So the plan now is to just earn/raise as much money as we can by doing live art, or selling pre-done art here while accepting donations for any decent place to live. We are looking at homes in the low end in decent neighborhoods, as well as some trailer homes. Anything is better than nothing.

Thank you all.

- Jeremy.


jenni2277 said...

you have my prayers!!!

J. Treece said...

Thanks Jenni!