Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gah... Sketching..

Thought I'd show off a couple things that may or may not end up in the sketchbook.

First up is the cover to an unnamed comic written by my wife, Lisa Treece and illustrated by me.

It's just a simple boy in some twined roots/branches of a tree. It will all make sense when we finish the book.

I'm thinking I want to add a couple more elements to the piece, just not right now though. I want to be really sure that I want what I'm thinking in the picture.

After that I'll share with you one of the supporting stars of the comic Hero@Large. It is Barry Finkelstein... as you may remember he is the one responsible for killing Alpha Major's superhero career to have him spin into a mess of a human, trying to win back all that was familiar to him. If you have NO idea what I am talking about... well then, try to find a copy of
Hero@Large #1.

The sketchbook will have individual pages of every cast member of the 2 issue series.