Sunday, January 14, 2007

So I've done it...

I've joined the ever growing trend of creating a blog.... Yeah I know it's horrible.. deal with it.

A couple of you already are members of the Novocaine Lollipop forums. Good for you, I'm glad to have you posting there. If you are not you can go there by clicking here -

Some new art stuff, done for the Trinity Convention here in Michigan.

The theme was to create the mascot with white hair and blue eyes and make her into three separate categories. Chibi, Comic Book, and Fantasy... I think it was. To the left you can see all three in one pinup.

The convention isn't until October 2007, but hell I'll let you guys know right now that I'll have a table set up with all tons of goodies to grab. I still have Hero at Large pages, and comics to get rid of. So that's a definite. I'm currently doing a bunch of random sketches to put in a sketchbook for 2007. If you want to request a sketch to be in the book let me know!

Speaking of Hero at Large. I did this head shot of Alpha Major... Without his mask on! Enjoy!

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