Thursday, December 15, 2011

Harry Potter 7 pc. Card Set.

Right after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 was released in theaters I told myself that I would do a set of cards featuring Harry along his story. I picked some key notes in his life and wanted to illustrate it in a card set. After watching the last film (which you can read a rushed review on my blog) I decided to draw up the set. I have been asked a couple of times what I'm doing with these pieces, and I have now decided to sell them.

If you wish to purchase the piece you can find the set at my store -

Sorcerer's Stone was just an introductory piece. Harry with new clothes, wand, broom, and can't forget fluffy, I thought this pretty much summed up an good start to the set.

For Chamber of Secrets I wanted to use Riddle's Diary, and a shot of some of the messages on the wall that Ginny had scribed. Only to be accentuated by the basilisk shadow that isn't REALLY there.

Prisoner of Azkaban was all about the Marauder's Map and the existence of 'Wormtail'. How the story unfolds to Harry was such a turning point in the series.

Goblet of Fire. I chose this shot as I wanted to inject a little humor into the set. So much grim and dark images to pull from all the stories. After the nice intro image I felt we needed a nice change of pace so he wasn't singled out in the group.

The Prophecy in the Order of the Phoenix is the main character here. Harry learns what he must do. Kill of be killed.

For the Half Blood Prince I chose Harry learning the Sectum Sempra spell from Snape's Advanced Potion Making text only for the sheer want to draw Harry learning magic.

And last but not least! Ever since reading Deathly Hallows, I've had the image of Harry touching lips to the snitch and whispering "I am about to die." I feel this is one of the greatest images in my head from the series, and I'm glad I got it out.

Hope you enjoy my insight on what I was thinking while drawing these pieces.

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