Thursday, November 10, 2011

Working on the last bit of commissions.

Example of Comission feat. Deadpool
Hey everybody. I'm Troy McCl... I mean. Hey, been a bit since I've been in here. Been working hard on commissions trying to get 'em all done and sent out so I can honestly guilt free open up for more. I've put myself in a rut most of the time with commissions as I would take a list and keep adding to that list. It was a revolving door of problems. Got to be too overwhelming. So I've decided no more until this list is satisfied, or at least on it's way out.

Many of you may be asking where is my stuff? Well if it says shipped then it's on it's way. I have a couple packaged that say shipped but I'm expecting those to go out this week. (Mostly 11x17 art) I've a couple of cards left to do, but other than that I've saved the bigger guys for last. The ones that needed the extra time for the 11x17 pencil / inks / digital color work.

On the other hand many of you are asking when I'm going to be open for commissions. It will be until I have all but a couple commissions done. I will take a list and work on it when this list here is finished. I will be streaming again on my uStream channel soon as well. I will be doing commissions week to week to help out again with bills and such. Fun little pieces that are quick and ship friendly. If you are looking for a piece that is already completed, I will be throwing up some art here and there as well as a weekly piece that will be available for sale.

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Anonymous said...

What are my chances of getting on that list?