Monday, January 28, 2008

Posting an update... way too late.

So I've been doing some sketch cards recently and let me tell you. I'm addicted. Not only doing them, but looking at some to buy and commission as well!

+ Added a new folder to the gallery called "sketchcards " so you can peek at the ones I've done so far, or the ones I can show.
+ Updated my commissions list with new prices and a sketchcard price list.

I've finished Chad's site for the most part. Check it out, give him some love. He's a really good guy, and a good (hard workin) artist to boot! I will be coloring another one of his books/sequentials for print just like his Fablewood story, I'm going to be coloring his newest work with Erick Hogan called "Rex O' Bannon" You can check for more information over at his site with the link above.

I have some other works in production but I can't say anything about them just yet. We are all playing the waiting game now aren't we. ;)

And to those looking for a commission you have purchased! Don't fret, I haven't forgotten about you. Thanks for the patience and I'll have all of your pieces to you guys ASAP!

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