Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Keys of Mahdicia are on it's way!

Hey guys, been slacking lately with my posts.. so I figured I'd toss up a couple of things after the Anita Blake colors.

To the left is how I do my penciling. It's VERY loose. But that's the way they come out when I ink my own stuff. As you can tell by some of the previous pencils I've posted that I don't do this all the time.

This is the pencils of page one from a comic my wife and I are doing. It's part of a giant trilogy. The first series is called The Keys of Mahdicia. (Mah - Dee - She - Ah)

To the right you can see the inks for this page. Notice how a lot of the art or things about it (like a whole panel.) Just decided to change in the inking process. I use ZIG Millennium Pigment pens, and a Pentel Ink Wash brush.

I will be coloring this when the first issue is inked. So expect to see a repost of the progress when I end up coloring this beast!.


Ash Collins said...

mm, tasty work!
i especially like your new blog title image :D

J. Treece said...

Thanks! I'm actually glad to see people stumble upon this blog. You'll get to see more of the Mahdicia series as soon as I get to coloring some more. Glad you dig it.

jd said...

yo treece, whats up yo, lol, it was nice talkin to you the other nite, sorry i didnt get back to you , the date went well, also...this page on here....amazing dude, layouts beautiful and your characters have gotten so much more fluid