Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just thought I'd share a little bit of lineart!

Two characters from a fan based X-Men RPG campaign based here around Detroit with a few of my friends. They want their characters drawn all the time. So every once in a while they'll hit me up with a commission or two.

First up is...
Bobby Drake Jr. - the son of Iceman and some random human.
He wanted to have him in mid transform, with a couple of ice patches visible under his clothes and trench coat.

Then after that we have Lorelei Wagner, the daughter of Nightcrawler and Amanda Sefton. Some of you may have seen me draw this character before but, not like this. The reason for her new look is because two characters she was close to were killed in battle. She now has possesion of their two favored material objects. Cyrus Murphey's Headphones, and Jeremy Wagner's skateboard.

The pencils on this piece were done by me, and then the inks were done by my wife Lisa, whom also helped ink a couple pages of Hero@Large when I was doing that title.

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