Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Take this to your Grave.

Back in 2008 I was hired to draw concept art and a two page story for a Fall Out Boy comic that was supposed to come out. I had two days to do all the concepts and flesh out a sequential to show the license holders that we could produce a comic featuring the band and this is what it could look like.

The pitch was a hit and everyone was on board ready to go, and then just as production was about to ramp up, and articles on Newsarama, and SequentialTart had surfaced, it seemed like the project just lost all traction. Since my wife and I came up with the short, and the short is kind of Halloween-esque, I thought I'd post it up for those who weren't in the conference room.

Unfortunately, These are the only copies I have of the finished pages, and they look to be corrupted at the very bottom.

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