Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Frank

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Thought a little bit about what I wanted to do with this one. I thought Frankenstein's Monster would just end up partying in the future rocking out with some tunes like the Misfits "Hate the living love the dead".

I wanted to do the Universal Monsters version of Frankenstein, but I didn't want to just follow the iconic pictures I seen when google searching Frankenstein.

I also had a story in my head that he would be working in an auto body shop with the name of "Frankenstein & Sons Body Shop" I may have to revisit this idea a little more in depth later on.

This is the same size as the last one. 5.5x7.5" on watercolor stock. Though I used Copic markers and Pro - White.


Peter Palmiotti said...

Very cool!

... does this mean we'll see a new one each day for the rest of the month!?!

J. Treece said...

Yeah man. One every day until the end of the month! Did you check out my Headless horseman watercolors from yesterday?