Monday, June 25, 2012

Heroes Con wrap up.

Heroes Con was amazing. To this day our best con yet. Tons of old friends, some we've never met, some we had. Lots of fans from the social media outlets stopping by and saying hi. We had a short convention as we had to be back in MI early Monday morning. We have an affinity for North Carolina so there was no resistance getting us back there.

Some of the highlights of the convention.  -

Friends. Meeting up with tons of people new and old! Those people are (in no particular order) Richard , Axebone , Little John, Craig, Sandra, Eugene, Skottie, Lan , Brad, Kris, Petersen, And some other cool cats that I didn't happen to catch their names that would just hover over our table.So many people were there and we didn't get to hang out with too many, we will have to rectify this for next years show. Maybe come in a day early and leave a day late.

The Official Drink and Draw  - Dan Panosian, and Dave Johnson bring their Drink and Draw flare to Heroes Con to help support a charity called Team Cul-de-sac. They had chip board and coasters for artists to draw on which then get bid on by members of the crowd. I did a Gwen Stacy, a Batman and Psylocke. I wish I snapped some photos of them. If you have them, let me know!

The Heroes Art Auction. This took place in the Westin Hotel's ballroom next to the convention center. We got to view the pieces before they were bid on, and it was awesome. So many beautiful pieces. It was fun to pick out the pieces you liked and try to guess what the winning bid would be before the call begins. Excitement fills the room when a bidding war happens, and it gets even better when people refuse to put down their paddle. Going into the auction having a piece donated of my own art, I told my wife Lisa that "I hope it goes for at least $100. Watching the crowd for reactions as the piece makes the rounds to potential buyers. Everyone looks like they have positive things to say, and I'm playing it cool. The piece makes its way to the table and I'm jonesing to see what it'll go for. The piece is announced as a modern take of Mystery Incorporated and the bidding begins. It was a proud humble moment to see these people actively wanting to fight for the piece. It also did better than I thought it was going to the final bid on the piece was $375.

All in all the convention was great. The people, the food, the experience. We are definitely making this a must show every year.

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