Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wednesday's ArtCast art.

This is the art from this past Wednesday's show over at Ustream. These are going to be a weekly card art show where on Wednesdays you'll be able to pre-order the art before the show starts at 8pm EST.

The art on these cards from top to bottom, left to right are - Elektra, Psylocke, Batwoman, Tardis(human form), Pepper Potts (Rescue), Gorilla, Monkey, Hippo, Fozzie Bear, and artist Skottie Young.

Each card is restricted to a head/bust shot, and inked and colored. Archival inks, and Watercolors are used to create these art pieces. Each card/slot is $20 + $2 shipping, and is available to purchase at my store on Wednesdays.


ashley76 said...

Who requested the Skottie Young card?

Brian said...

I Want a Boba Fett card

J. Treece said...

Haha, thanks guys! The Skottie card was a new collector, don't want to divulge if they don't feel comfortable giving out their info.

And Brian, this Thursday hit up the store and snag a spot for the show, and I'll get you out a Boba Fett!

- J.

Tomasz Stasiak said...

:) nice job