Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Days of DC - Robin

SO this update was down to the wire. Dentist trip today didn't allow me the time to toss one of these together this morning. Then pain killers, then kids needing Daddy time. :) Kids are in bed, and here he is. Robin. I went a little crazy on this one, and pulled back when inking. (I was gonna add a subway train heading towards him.) But gotta remember these are just sketches to get familiar with the characters in DC. Then I can worry about placing them in an environment.

I also changed up the costume a bit so I could utilize the red ink.



RED said...

Awesome! You were born to draw Robin. And a bunch of other stuff, but you draw Robin so darn well.

jack42 said...

Robin is my second favorite DC character (Tim Drake, not Damian). You rocked this astoundingly! Love the updates. (also, I agree with RED: you draw Robin so darn well)