Thursday, October 14, 2010

75 AP and Return Cards available.

Been trying really hard to get everything set up with the company, and get our properties out whilst doing commissions, back logs, and freelancing to pay the bills. Really is a juggling act! Been so caught up with everything. I never really pushed what I had available for my APs or Returns from sets. Here is a look at what I got and how many. If you are interested in any of them let me know!

5 - Galaxy 5 Returns (Topps)
3 - Damsels & Dinosaurs (Sadlittles)
3 - Zombies vs. Cheerleader (5finity)
8 - Rise of the Bounty Hunter (Topps)
5 - Female Persuasion (5finity)
10 - Dreamers of Darkness (Sadlittles)
4 - Essence of Fairyland (Sadlittes)
10 - Rantz Angels (Sadlittles)
13 - Iron Man 2 (Upper Deck)
14 - Legend and Lore Oversized (Sadlittles)

Images after the jump!
*Please excuse the scanner debris. The cards do NOT have the random flecks on them.*

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